Prestige Fencing is an advanced modular wall system made from lightweight yet structurally strong materials. The colour can be customised to suit your property, with a wide range of paint colours and finishes available. This enables you to choose a fencing solution that is as unique as you want – matching your surrounds or standing out to create a striking feature.



The preferred fencing solution for a number of new subdivisions, this classy and sleek fencing solution will perfectly compliment your home. WCS can offer you a range of Prestige Fencing by Belaire. 

  • Offers great noise reduction qualities
  • Extremely strong but lightweight posts for up to 3m high walls
  • A number of infill options including glass, slats, lourves or linear
  • Two-tone options available creating a striking and aesthetically pleasing feature
  • Range of gates to match infills and solid walls
BelAire Prestige Fencing


Prestige Fencing by Belaire is preferred by many subdivision covenants

customised timber fencing by WCS


Timber is supplied in many forms and grades. WCS LTD will tailor materials to provide you with your preferred natural timber fence solution.

WCS specialises in custom high quality timber fencing, from materials such as hard woods, natives and long life structured designs. We can discuss your property and requirements, and tailor a custom timber fence to compliment your property.

We chose WCS to build our pool boundary fence due to their superior designs and service. Our fencing requirements included glass, Prestige and Aluminium fencing. Jardon created a design that compliments our property, whilst still giving us the privacy and noise-reduction that we required. I would highly recommend Jardon for all of your fencing requirements.

Craig Pamment

Working with WCS Ltd was no hassle and the work carried out was done in a professional manner. After the construction of the fence, we had another fencing contractor call in who had been passed a few times and was impressed with the style so much that he wanted to call in and see how it was constructed. We also had the building inspector who was very impressed with the style of the fence.