Project Description

subdivision fencing built by WCS
subdivision fencing before photo
BelAire Prestige Fencing

BelAire Signature Series is an excellent fencing solution for estate type subdivisions.  WCS has found BelAire is now being specified in current subdivisions in development and provides a prestige look with noise reduction and privacy characteristics.  CKL engaged WCS to supply and construct their 1500 high feature wall that spans 190 lineal metres for stage one.  Due to the nature of the development WCS adopts a self sufficient approach using their own logistics and storage facilities. Up to date plant equipment and onboard generators, enabled an efficient and hassle free service.  We look forward to stage two.

“CKL was impressed with the overall service and quality of the product we received. The end result was exactly what our client envisioned.”  Kane Beadle – Engineer CKL